FUTURE IS HERE NOW for us lighthumans

  Future is here now for us conscious lighthumans. We only need to realize our timeless being. Realizing means putting our lightconsciousness into practice in everything we do. As lighthumans we understand our possibilities for conscious action. We have ability to connect with other lightbeings through our consciousness. We have ability to sense true nature…


Connecting with each other in light consciousness in aim to bring power of love to its full glory  HOW TO CONNECT IN LIGHT AND LOVE First agree with the person/persons you want to share the field and power of love when you are going to connect and how long your connection is going to last. You…

Lighthumans are connected to Earth

Keeping Our balance as lightbeings on planet Earth. As we lighthumans evolve in light and our constitution enlightens, we are still humans with our bodies on planet Earth. In order to cope with the subtle new vibrations of light in our being, it’s good to know how to stay steady and grounded. At the same…


RESPECT Honour existence and constitution of others with attitude that light in every other person is the highest possible light. NEUTRALITY Stay in neutral natural state of consciousness. Be aware of only the light without personal feelings, opinions, attitudes and judgment of good or bad. EMPTINESS Always aim to act as an empty vessel for…


Light is the core of being. Light carries life force that enables life on Earth. Light influences human beings and lives all the time in all possible aspects. Warmly Welcome to share world of Light ! More about the concept of lighthuman   ∞∞∞ Satu Virtanen Atmereian Open Light Lighthuman


Lightverse is existence seen as light


We are lightbeings among other lightbeings.